Scent Review #2 - The Odd Fellow's Bouquet

ATKINSONS – The Odd Fellow’s Bouquet

a Scent Samples review

One of the most talked about fragrances from the house of Atkinsons, The Odd Fellow's Bouquet is a masculine, eau de toilette floriental that offers a little more depth than your average fragrance. If you like scents such as Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille, you’ll be sure to enjoy this offering.

First off the fragrance name is slightly misleading so one would do well not to judge this particular book by its cover. The overall scent is neither odd nor overly floral. Heliotrope adds a slight floral accord to the composition and serves to enhance the oriental theme while keeping the fragrance quite wearable for the average gent who may be adverse to floral notes.

On first spray one is greeted with a strong blast of ginger and peppercorn backed up by a tobacco note similar to that used in several other well known scents (see below for comparisons). This aggressive opening quickly softens leaving an oriental aroma supported by base notes of Benzoin and Labdanum which linger for about 4-6 hours before drying down to a soft, warm and ambery skin scent. The projection is not too strong, though this is still a fragrance you will not want to overdo as people will most definitely smell you when close by. You can also expect a fair sillage within the first couple hours of wearing as well. Sillage (prenounced "see-arge") is a French term used to describe the strength at which others can smell you, for those who haven’t heard it used before.

This scent is without doubt better suited for the colder seasons and recommended for use in Autumn and Winter. It’s strong enough to cut through the cold and should not be underestimated, and also be sure to apply sparingly on hotter days. It must be said that the notes used in this blend are extremely well thought out and work exceptionally together. Versatility is good and TOFB can be worn for many occasions, though the preference may be to dress this one up for evening wear due to the heavier ingredients. Though TOFB is marketed towards men, it could just as easily be worn by women and will smell as equally delicious on either sex. The nose behind the perfume is the French perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin who has a fair résumé of fragrances with a wide variety of houses. It’s clear to see that he has an affinity with oriental fragrances and TOFB is no exception.

The Odd Fellow's Bouquet retails in the UK for £100 and can be found in well known department stores including Selfridges and House of Fraser.

Compares to the following Fragrances:

Tom Ford - Tobacco VanilleParfums de Marley – Herod, Phaedon – Tabac Rouge

The Verdict

The Odd Fellow’s Bouquet though smelling similar to other fragrances, holds its own amongst a plethora of samey scents and delivers a slightly new take on a tried and tested oriental theme that continues to stand the test of time.


3.5 out of 5 stars

"Well worth trying and a worthy contender against higher priced fragrances in the same genre"

Reviewed by

Patrick Cantwell - Fragrance expert and founder of Scent Samples

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