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A brand new release for 2017, Jo Malone Myrrh & Tonka does what it says on the bottle and continues the simplistic aesthetic the house is well known for. As a part of their Cologne Intense line, it delivers more than your average cologne and is a unisex fragrance suitable for wear by both men and women.

First impressions are that all of the notes are detectable right away which is understandable given the simple breakdown of a lavender top note, Omumbiri myrrh in the heart and tonka bean in the base. It’s all very true to form for Jo Malone. The Lavender is very subtle and adds a little freshness to the mix while the Myrrh and Tonka blend together both potency and sweetness, creating a harmony on the skin that continues for the duration of the wearing. The myrrh does soften up a fair bit after the first hour or so, and is more prominent when first applyed. It's not the most aggresive Myrrh going though and I've certainly smelt stronger in other fragrances, so those who are not fans of the note should not be discouraged from trying. With regards to the overall smell, it doesn't change too much and the development of the scent itself is fairly linear which is not always a bad thing and to be expected with such a simple composition.

Performance is decent and projects for 6-8 hours even with 3-4 sprays. I would advise not to spray too close to the face as it may become cloying, so the wrists and base of the neck is preferable and tend to be my chosen locations when applying. The dry down will continue to linger for many hours, leaving a sweet and sensual skin scent that is highly appealing. This makes Myrrh & Tonka a winner as a date scent or for social occasions where you don’t wish to offend. You can be sure to garner many an unsolicited compliment from those around you when wearing it, whether you're male or female.

I personally choose to dress the fragrance up in the evening as its strength cuts through the cold and also makes it preferable for wearing during Autumn and Winter in general. With this said it’s still fairly versatile and can be worn casually for daily use if preferred but I would not recommend over applying and less is definately more when using.

The nose behind Myrrh & Tonka is Mathilde Bijaoui who has created perfumes for such houses as Etat Libre D’Orange, Lalique and Dsquared.

Myrrh & Tonka retails in the UK for £105 for 100ml and can be found at Jo Malone stockists and boutiques.

Compares to the following Fragrances:

Tom Ford – Noir Extreme

The Verdict

Myrrh and Tonka is a nice departure from the typical Jo Malone style though nothing unique in terms of overall smell.


3 out of 5 stars

"Recommended for fans or newcomers to the house of Jo Malone, though don't expect any new ground to be broken"

Reviewed by

Patrick Cantwell - Fragrance expert and founder of Scent Samples

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