Perfume Samples
Perfume Samples

What do we do?


What is Decanting?
The process of transferring liquid from one vessel to another is known as decanting and it’s what we do to create the vast majority of our fragrance sizes. Using lab grade pipettes we transfer the fragrances into the various sizes we provide then professionally label each one. We use spray top bottles for all of our sizes as this is by far the best way to apply fragrance to the skin. Most of the sizes we supply are small and tend to be disposable so we use plastic bottles which also eliminates any breakages during transit. Our larger 50ml sized fragrances are supplied in high quality glass bottles.
So you can see there’s as much love put into the making of our samples as there is for the perfumes themselves. We wouldn’t want it any other way.
Gift Sets
Perfume samples make great gifts for friends and loved ones so we provide various gift options to suit your needs. As we essentially repackage the fragrances we sell, we take much care to create gift packaging as every bit as luxurious as the brands whose products we supply. We understand expectations are a lot higher when buying a gift for somebody else so always keep this in mind.

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Wedding & Party Favours
Perfume samples are a unique way of gifting your guests and add a touch of class and sophistication to any special occasion. We offer various packaging options for our perfume favours and also offer custom colour packaging to suit the theme or style of your event. Just tell us the colours you require and we can make it happen.

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Product Disclaimer
Scent Samples are by no means affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by the fragrance houses whose products we sell. Under no circumstances will we ever duplicate or replicate any brand logo or trademark when re-packaging or selling our fragrances. This is to make it clear that only the fragrance itself is that of the original manufacturer with the outer packaging being that which we provide. When purchasing fragrances from Scent Samples you will always receive a genuine fragrance that has been professionally decanted and suitably re-packaged unless otherwise stated. If any fragrances sold on the Scent Samples website are being sold in their original bottles, they will be advertised as such.

Neroli Portofino Perfume Sample
Neroli Portofino
from £4.50
Aventus - for Her Perfume Sample
Aventus - for Her
from £4.50
Gold Knight Perfume Sample
Gold Knight
from £6.00
Escentric 01 Perfume Sample
Escentric 01
from £3.50
A Goodnight Kiss Perfume Sample
A Goodnight Kiss
from £19.50
Si - Eau de Parfum Perfume Sample
Si - Eau de Parfum
from £3.00
Café Rose Perfume Sample
Café Rose
from £4.50
Aventus Perfume Sample
from £5.00
Green Irish Tweed Perfume Sample
Green Irish Tweed
from £4.50
Boss Bottled Infinite Perfume Sample
Boss Bottled Infinite
from £2.00
Nuit d'Issey - Pulse of the Night Perfume Sample
Nuit d'Issey - Pulse of the Night
from £2.50
L'eau D'issey Pure Pétale de Nectar Perfume Sample
L'eau D'issey Pure Pétale de Nectar
from £3.50
Black Opium - Intense Perfume Sample
Black Opium - Intense
from £3.50
Angel - Eau de Toilette Perfume Sample
Angel - Eau de Toilette
from £3.00
LP No.9 Perfume Sample
LP No.9
from £2.50
51 pour Femme Perfume Sample
51 pour Femme
from £9.00
Angel Muse Perfume Sample
Angel Muse
from £3.00
Icon Elite Perfume Sample
Icon Elite
from £2.50
Dawn Perfume Sample
from £14.50
Musc Ravageur Perfume Sample
Musc Ravageur
from £4.50
1861 - Renaissance Perfume Sample
1861 - Renaissance
from £4.50
Oud Minérale Perfume Sample
Oud Minérale
from £4.50
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